Legal Betting States

If you’re into watching sports, then it’s probably a good idea to sign up with some betting sites in the US to make money on your in depth knowledge and fandom. Do you know all the states with legal betting or the rules that govern domestic sportsbooks? If the answer is no, then let us educate you on the process. There are many different kinds of wager games available in the United States, including sports wagering, horse betting, casino games, slot machines, and card tournaments. You can find all of this and more, even if it isn’t always available at the local casino down the street.

There are valuable opportunities to make money by playing the odds in every corner of the country, but if you’re looking to place a bet on the NFL, you have a couple of good choices. Either travel to Nevada, the only state with fully functional in-house betting venues, or sit down at your computer and log onto betting sites that will accept you no matter which state you live in. Every year billions of dollars are generated by bettors and less than 10% of all that cash is played at casinos, the rest of it is all online.

State Laws And Betting

The states have their own right to choose exactly how to handle wagering in their jurisdiction. The state congress can ultimately decide if they’re going to allow casinos to operate, but there are some federal mandates that pre-empts state statutes when it comes to betting on sports. Fortunately, the political leaders have been focused on ending illicit bookmaking and many states didn’t legislate at all on the use of online sportsbooks. It’s best to check the statutes because the laws change all the time, but until they do, take the legal option and take your NFL picks to the web.

Is It Legal To Bet In My State

If you live in the US, the chances are that it’s legal to bet in your state. There are only a couple of really strict states, like Washington and Utah, that don’t allow any gaming establishments to exist on their soil. When it comes to sports betting though, the federal government limits the ability to issue licenses to bookmakers to only a couple of states. PASPA, or the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was voted on and passed in 1992, and it limits US bookmakers to Nevada and Delaware.

It’s important to take note of your state’s legal gambling age, because even though online sportsbooks only ask their users to be 18 years old, some jurisdictions have a higher age. In order to fully comply with the law, if the age in your state is 21, it’s recommended to just wait until you are state-legal.

Are Betting Sites Safe?

Betting sites are safe for everyone to use since government officials are hyper focused on ending unauthorized bookmaking on our side of the pond. That means you might get in trouble for playing the odds with Manuel, the unlicensed bookmaker, and his idea to accept the bets from anyone for his own profit, is definitely stupid. However, there’s a big distinction between Manuel the bookmaker and John Smith the casual bettor. No one has taken down for using an internet book, and until they change the laws, no one will.

Other Features Of Betting Sites

The betting sites that US residents use are the best things since sliced bread for anyone willing to make a buck by playing the odds. The difference is the convenience and the value, because bettors don’t need to spend their time and money finding the right spot to make a bet safely. Online sportsbooks solve the problems of most Americans who like to come up with their weekly picks or play the spread, but don’t live anywhere near Vegas and don’t want to run the risk of having any trouble with the law. You can wager anywhere, and I do mean anywhere, because you should check out their site on your mobile phone, because it is the best way to keep track of your tickets on the go.

The Best US Betting Sites

When it comes to a business focused on sports betting in America, US betting sites are the best way to play the odds. They specialize in delivering legal alternatives for players who want to risk a few bucks, but don’t want to travel to another state. Not only that, but they provide players with a place to bet the NFL and take a few spins on the roulette wheel. The best betting sites offer the full gamut to each of their members, so sign up at one of the great sites to take advantage of their attractive welcome bonuses and the fantastic money making opportunities.

BetOnline Sportsbook - Welcomes Players From All 50 States!

BetOnline SportsbookIf you’re looking for a fantastic online sports betting site that services all fifty states, you can find one by typing BetOnline into the address bar. This site has been doing business with American players for over 25 years and as one of the top online sportsbooks, you can expect them to continue accepting bets for years to come. BetOnline operates some Panama City, in the Republic of Panama, and because they are outside of US borders, they can’t be shut down by our federal government and are safe for US players who are old enough to gamble.

There are thousands of lines at this book, and the reduced juice on NHL betting makes this the best spot for anyone to take a slap shot at winning thousands. That’s just one of the many bonuses you can choose from when you sign up to BetOnline and make your first betting site deposit. You can also pick a welcome bonus that will match your initial deposit up to $250 for a different offer that stacks your bankroll fast.

The Most-Trusted Betting Sites for US Players