Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada SportsbookThis review of Bovada has a wealth of information for sports bettors in America and every year betting sites in the US make the most passionate players millions in cash. Did you know that there’s a significant amount of wagering happening on the internet, every day? In fact, more than 75% of all money won with betting is from internet betting sites, and not some land-based venue. It doesn’t even matter if it’s your favorite season or not, there’s always some action. There are tons of ways to use your edge at sites like Bovada. Plus, this site has an online casino and virtual card room, but who wants to spend all their time hitting the spin again button or folding low pairs on some video poker machine? They give their members the opportunity to join in all types of wagering from slots to roulette, but there isn’t anything like raising the stakes on the game this weekend. Betting on the NFL champions or predicting the spread on the World Series is where most people make enough cash to pay the bills and you can too, but you’ve got to sign up with sites like Bovada before you can test out your leanings.

There aren’t many sites with as many betting lines as Bovada, and the experienced professionals use them exclusively to place thousands of bets every day. If you’re a newcomer, there’s no need to be intimidated by the number of sharps out there. In fact, you have nothing to lose before you play, because getting started doesn’t cost you anything until you place your bets. If you’re unsure about the different wager types, just follow the trends or open up the live chat and talk to a representative and they’ll be happy to explain the terms. They can help you finalize your bets and get the wagers placed. This site treats you like a VIP and so you should add signing up at Bovada to your to-do list because it’s the most valuable decision you could make right now.

Is It Legal To Use Betting Sites Like Bovada?

Bovada SportsbookSince the laws allow legal wagering online in the US, new sites are launching every day to make the industry more accessible and convenient. These internet businesses are able to service the people unable to take a vacation to a legal in-house bookmaker, like the ones in Vegas. Domestic bookmakers have had some strict regulations forced upon them by national law that prevents them from operating in all fifty states. In 1992, the feds solidified their position and created a national regulation to thwart any new bookmakers from opening up their doors. While the state and federal governments figure things out, they are forgetting about the needs of the US population. Millions of Americans want to place bets and international sportsbooks have come to fill the void. Since their home countries have no such regulations against betting, these sites have every right to accept bets from players living worldwide.

The American government used the new national standards to inhibit domestic bookmakers in every state except for a few grandfathered-in exceptions, but they never bothered to mess with bettors. This anti-bookmaking agenda didn’t start with the ’92 prohibitions though, the feds became involved with the betting industry of the US in the 1960s, and during that time, the law enforcement agencies were having problems dealing with the rise of the mafia’s illicit bookies. These criminal syndicates funded their enterprises by facilitating bets for the common folk, so the political leaders passed bills giving more power to the police in order to stop them. They instituted a ban on the sending and receiving of betting or wagering information ‘over the wire’. In those times, it meant telephone lines, their main form of communication, but today, it’s definition covers any form, both wired and wireless. Deep inside the law is a provision that protects the common man, like anyone using an internet bookie, from the legal justice of the federal government. The politicians of the day, many being sports bettors themselves, included a protection for the “casual bettor”, and it includes an exception to the law for anyone playing for fun and profit.

Are Betting Sites Safe For US Players?

If you’re looking for the most reputable sportsbook in the world, you won’t find one on the internet more popular than Bovada. It’s a testament to the safety and security precautions when a site can boast a million+ active members. The proof is not just how many people trust their dollars with this site though. Online sportsbooks are in the business of financial transactions and companies with reputations of screwing their players and not delivering find themselves without a player-base very quickly. Players from all over the world love using this website and even international regulators like the Kahnawake Gaming Commission have given their endorsement to Bovada. Annual audits from organizations like that one ensure the business practices are fair and their online games are not cheating the players.

Additionally, here’s the most valuable piece of advice I can give any new player, if you want to safely make money, week in and week out, you need to be a member at multiple books. Using Bovada as your main and picking your next favorite to hedge your bet is the way to put food on the table by playing the odds. If you’re taking a -125 on Bovada and hedging it with a bet on the other side of the line at +135, you’re almost guaranteed to end the week out positive, no matter the outcome. Now that’s not really based on chance is it? Not only are you going to safely win the money with this site, but notice the lock on the address bar? The whole website is secure, so you can count on your money staying safely where it belongs, in your sportsbook account and not in the hands of hackers or cyber criminals.

What Can I Bet On At Bovada?

This list of lines at Bovada is a mile long, and if you tried to read them all, you would never be able to stop because this book has routine updates and new listings are constantly added. This book has about 23 different categories to browse through and they range from Baseball to football to MMA to golf to entertainment. You can see that the bookmaker wanted to really mix it up and offer a large assortment of competitions. They offer lines on all the professional and collegiate teams like your hometown favorite, plus all the division favorites too. An extra feature is all these lines are available for you 24 hours a day, and if you’re not at home, you can connect to Bovada using your smart phone or tablet. There isn’t any download required, just type in the address to your mobile internet browser and you’ll be redirected to the number one spot to play the odds on to go.

Funding an Account & Collecting Winnings At Bovada
Bovada Sportsbook

How Do Players Make A Deposit At Bovada?

Getting your funds deposited with Bovada is possible in a number of different ways. Each method is different in its delivery time and deposit fees. You can load your account easily with a little piece of plastic. There aren’t any methods simpler than loading an account with your credit / debit card, and within 30 seconds, you will be putting together your first tickets. There aren’t high minimums for credit deposits and you can have your accounts funded for around 5% of the deposit amount, but if this doesn’t work for you, be sure to try one of the other convenient methods.

How Does Bovada’s Payouts Work?

You’re going to have a couple good payout options from Bovada. As one of the best US betting sites, Bovada provides the normal methods for paying out winnings and players can request withdrawals once per week. The first payout method that this site offers is by check. The cashier at this site will send out a check for anywhere between $20 and $3000 and your first withdrawal of the month is free. If you’re looking to get a little bit larger of a withdrawal, give the sportsbook a call and have their representatives set up a rapid transfer. There are much higher maximum amounts allowed, and as always, Bovada is going to protect your account’s security by verifying the account holder’s identity before sending out any payout.

Who Can Join Bovada?

Bovada accepts residents from most of the fifty U.S. states. However, some players will not be able to sign up at this time. If you live in Nevada, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, or Maryland, you will need to choose another sportsbook at this time. There are many to pick from, just check out our other reviews. The reason Bovada will not take players from these states right now is because they are a big-name business. Each of these states either already has sports betting establishments, or has laws that exist in a grey area when it comes to betting right now. In order to avoid any potential clashes with state governments, Bovada exempts these states from participating. This could change at any time, so keep checking back.

The only other caveat to joining Bovada is your age. You must be over 18 to join and sports betting site, and you should check your local state laws as well. Some states do have legal betting ages that range from 18 to 21. If you live somewhere that requires bettors to be 21, you should wait until you are that old to join Bovada. A quick internet search should reveal your state laws regarding betting age.

Does Bovada Have Bonuses?

You’ll find some amazing bonuses at Bovada, and they might be the only betting site for the USA that pays you the rewards up front. When you sign up with this online sportsbook, new members receive up to a 50% match on their initial deposit. This site is trying to pad your pockets and give you the best chance to get ahead from the get-go. Getting up to $250 has never been so easy, and the roll over is only 5x. Make sure you satisfy your rollover before you first withdrawal and make free money, just for using this great sportsbook. If you’re looking for casino bonuses, then remember the code for up to $3000 in slots bonus, “SLOTS500”. You can receive up to a 100% on slot deposits and you can take advantage of this code up to 4 times.

What Other Cool Features Will I Find At Bovada?

Bovada SportsbookWe have covered bonuses, so you might be wondering what else could possibly make these sites any better. Well, there is a lot more. Mobile betting is a feature that almost every sportsbook will have that will give you access to the entire site from the palm of your hand. This no download, no extra cost feature is like having a fully featured Vegas casino in your pocket. How is that for ultimate convenience?

Another great feature you will love is live/in-game betting. This puts you front and center during a game by updating the odds in real-time. Every shift in the odds is reflected at breaks in the action, so you can take advantage of foul balls, interceptions, injuries, what-have-you. This is a new and exhilarating way to Play the odds, and will probably become your new favorite betting method.