Funding Methods at Betting Sites

Anyone that explores US betting sites for the first time is sure to be surprised at all of the deposit methods that are available. The power of the internet has given us all unparalleled accessibility, and that extends to how you can fund your account at a sportsbook. Getting your account loaded can be as simple as purchasing something from any of the big online retailers. We will show you how to make deposits, why they are legal, the fastest methods, and why they are safe – so read on!

You are going to learn about the safety precautions that these sportsbooks take to keep your money protected, as well as your identity. We will walk you through how to access the online cashier and choose the right deposit method, going over the pros and cons of each one. We will also review some sites that offer the best funding methods in the business.

Is It Legal To Make A Deposit At A Betting Site?

It is in fact legal for you to make a deposit at one of these authorized US betting sites. I cannot tell you the legality of other sites, just the ones that are presented here. To learn what makes a site function properly under federal and state statutes, please look at our laws page. A deposit is a purchase, and you are buying chips or credits. You can use these to place bets at the different sections of a site. More or less, these credits are an investment for your future winnings and betting opportunities.

If I Make A Deposit, Is My Money Safe?

Yes, your money is safe. Millions of people use these sites on a daily basis, and have done so for years. If a site were the least bit sketchy, you would have heard about it. They certainly would not have been allowed to maintain a business for 20+ years, if they were found to be scams. If you ever have any trouble with your account or think that a mistake has occurred the associates in customer service department of the betting venue you have selected will be more than happy to help you. In some cases, it will be necessary to contact customer service in order to finish a deposit transaction. All of the reviewed betting sites have taken great strides to make sure that a members account and personal information remain secure and protected at all times.

What Steps Do I Use To Make A Deposit?

Once you have decided on a betting site and joined, you will need to choose which deposit option you would like to use. Our featured sites provide many different ways to transfer funds. Each type has its own separate speeds, fees, etc. To locate your choices you will need to click on the cashier or funding page of your site. You should take a moment to read each option carefully and pay attention to the requirements. Naturally, you will pick the method that best suits your individual needs. If you have chosen your deposit type from the cashier’s page, just click on that option. This should open up a list of instructions that you will need to do in order to complete a transaction. Sometimes an option will call for you to call customer service, this is just a formality to help facilitate the transfer and will help it move a lot faster. For the quickest option, new or potential members should try the credit card method; in doing so your funds will show up into your account within minutes of submission. If you have any issues, or questions concerning your funding transfer, all sites have 24/7 customer support that is ready and willing to help in any way they possibly can.

Deposit Methods at Betting Sites

I will present to you a combined list of all the deposit options that are available at these sites. All methods have minimum and maximum amounts that you can transfer into your account. Fees depend on a few things, the type of method you choose, and the volume of money you deposit. However, sometimes they waive the fee for those same reasons. This is why you need to make yourself well acquainted with them and find the best value and the most convenient option for you.

Credit/Debit Cards

Most major credit cards are accepted, and is the method that is most popular among members. This transaction is the fastest option out of all types. The minimum amount that you can transfer depends on the site; it runs between $25-50. Maximum amounts are the same way; check the limit before making a transaction. Fees vary as well, and can be free or a meager 4.9%. Future members should use this option if they are looking to get started quickly.

Cash Wire Transfers (Western Union/Money Gram)

If you want to use the cash wire transfer option, it can be accomplished at your nearest Western Union or MoneyGram retailer, or online. To complete this transaction you will need to fill out all the necessary forms, and then you will be provided with a confirmation number. The code is what you will give to the sites customer service representative, and they will finish processing your funds transfer. This option can take from a few minutes to several hours. The minimum is $100. Fees depend on the amount received. If your amount is over $300 most sites will not charge a fee.

Money Orders

Money orders can be purchase either online or at a local retailer. This option will need to be shipped by EXPRESS, and can only be completed with the help of a customer service associate. The associate will walk you thru this transaction. Money orders generally take up to a week, but once processed, funds will be accessible from your account instantly. Money order fees vary on the amount deposited. This option is best for players that do not have a credit card.

Bank Wire Transfers

Bank wire transfers will need to be completed with the help of customer support. A representative will give you instructions and talk you through the process step by step. Within 36 hours, your funds will be transferred into your account. The minimum transfer amount for this option is $1000. The site will not charge you any fees for this transaction, but your financial institution might. This is a really good option for members that want to transfer a large sum into their account.


If you want to use bitcoin, this option can be completed in two different ways. The first way is to locate the bitcoin icon on the cashier’s page, and click on it. This will bring up a box and you will enter in the amount you wish to transfer. Then all you need to do is hit submit. The second way that you can use this option is to go directly to your bitcoin account and transfer from there to the betting site. Funds typically appear into a members account within 48 hours using this method. Fees vary based on the way you use this option, it is no more than 2%.

MyCash/Gift Cards

Some of the betting sites that we offer will allow you to use certain gift cards to complete your deposit. If you want to use this option, you will first need to scratch the back of your gift card to get the 10-15 digit code, and then take a photo of it with the back facing up so that the code is visible. You will then send this photo to the cashier, and then within a few minutes your transaction will be complete. My cash cards have to be in $500 minimums, and other gift cards in $50. There are no fees with this option.

Can I Get A Bonus When I Make A Deposit?

All of the US betting sites that are featured here have tons of different rewards for various wagering areas. You can definitely get a reward for making your first deposit; this is typically referred to as a welcome bonus. Bonuses have requirements and restrictions, in order to keep your reward you will need to adhere to and follow all of them. You do not have to take a bonus if you do not want to, this is just something a little extra to make your betting experience have as many opportunities as you can and boost your bankroll.

BetOnline Sportsbook - Safest Deposits at a US Betting Site!

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