Withdrawal Options at Betting Sites

Getting your hands on cold hard cash is probably the next best part of sports betting after actually watching the game. U.S. betting sites make this an easy process by offering numerous ways for you to get your money. There are fast options that take less than a day, and longer ones that can take up to a few weeks. There are also varying fees and limits, making each payout method unique. We will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision next time you want to collect your winnings from an online sportsbook.

We are going to cover the legal aspects of withdrawing from sportsbooks, as well as the safety standards that are in place to protect you. We will cover each withdrawal method in depth so that you can pick the one(s) that are right for you. Finally, we will show you some amazing online sportsbooks that offer fast payout methods.

Is It Legal To Withdraw Funds From A Betting Site?

The US betting sites that we present are all licensed establishments, so as long as you accept money from one of them, it will be legal. The only law at the moment that affects withdrawals from a betting site is very lax. The title of this law is the UIGEA, and it restricts the way that a site can pay you. It prohibits them from using a credit card to compensate you. Again, this law only affects the venue that you are wagering with, not you the player. The sites here do offer tons of other ways that you can get your winnings. These other options are just as reliable and safe as if you were having funds transferred through any other reputable financial institution.

How Can I Request A Withdrawal?

When you have finally settled on a site, and with any luck it will be one that we have featured here. Withdrawing your winnings is simple. Let's go over the steps of doing so. First, make sure that you are signed into your account. Then you will need to click on the cashier’s page. The next step is to read all the options carefully, and pick the best one for you. Your third step is to follow the instructions listed with the option that you have chosen. Sometimes the instructions will be for you to call customer service. Do not worry about that, they just want to help facilitate the transfer, or help complete your transaction. Your final step is to finish all the instructions provide with your option and submit it. The wait time for your withdrawal should be listed with the instructions.

What Kinds Of Payouts Can I Use?

The following will be a list and a short paragraph detailing all the things you will need to know about each particular option. We do this so that you have a good understanding and have relevant information made available to you before you request your first payout. For each option, there is a set of specific instructions and requirements that you will need to be aware of. Please look over the methods and all of their individual details before you decide which method you want. If you have any questions about payouts, all you will need to do is contact the customer service department of your betting site and a representative will be glad to help you.

Cash Wire Transfers

Cash wire transfers AKA rapid transfers utilize Western Union or Money Gram retailers to complete a withdrawal. If you choose this option you will need to go to the virtual cashier and select it, and then you will be sent a confirmation number. You will need to take this code to the nearest WU or MG retailer to claim your money. You will be asked to fill out paperwork and submit your reference number, once that is done, they will give you cash. For some of the betting sites they have scheduled times when you can take out withdrawals with this option, and you might have to call customer support to find out if it is open.

Cashier Checks

These are available in the “all other methods” section on the cashier’s page. You will need to select the check image and then fill out all the info required. Once everything has been filled out, submit it and you have finished your transaction. This option has several different minimums that you can choose from, the smallest being usually around $20. The Maximum amount that you can withdrawal varies, but is usually in the thousands. The fees vary just as much as the minimums, some have one free withdrawal per month, and some have a fee of up to $80.

Money Orders

There are only a few featured sites that will give you money order options. If a site has this option, you will need to contact customer support. The minimum amount that you can withdrawal is usually around $1,000, and the max resides around the $10,000 mark on most sites. This transaction usually comes with a fee, so check the site for details.

Debit Card Funds Application

If you want the debit card fund application, you will need to have a bank account that allows this kind of transfer. No other cards will be accepted with this method. Monies will be transferred to a players account through a debit card transaction. You cannot use this option unless first use one of the other options available. Only players from the US and Canada are eligible. The minimums and maximums vary wildly from site to site, and fees generally run under $50.

MyCash/Gift Cards

First, check if the my cash/gift card payout method is open before you will be able to use it. You can find out on the cashier’s page. Your account will be verified and you will need to be a resident of the US. Minimums depend on the card you wish to fill. Some cards can only be filled in certain increments such as $50.


Your Bitcoin account will be verified by the site before you continue with this option. If you cannot confirm your account within a certain period of time, your request will be canceled. This option is also subject to its availability and you will need to see if it is open on the cashier’s page. Minimums are usually very low, and maximums come in at a couple of thousand. There are usually no fees when using Bitcoin.

Prepaid Card (ATM Only Card Payout)

ATM, or prepaid cards will have to be delivered by courier to your residence. The courier arrives within 5 days and if it is delivered through standard mail, it can take up to a month. To have this delivered by courier there will be a fee, or it will be free through the mail. You can include this option with your money order package, and it will cost you nothing. The fee for this method usually low, around $25.

Bank Wire Transfer

Get in touch with customer service to receive bank wire instructions. An associate will be necessary to give you info on how to complete this transaction. You will need to give the associate you wiring instructions, so have that handy before you call. The withdrawal minimum for this option is usually around half-a-grand, and the maximums go up in the 5-digits. Fees tend to range between $45-75.

Check (By Mail, Courier, Or EXPRESS)

Checks by mail, courier, or EXPRESS are great if you don't mind waiting a little bit. You will be able to cash your check at any financial institution like with any other check. The minimums and maximums vary, but you can usually take out between $100 and $5,000. Fees are also all over the map, but many sites will allow one free check payout per month.

What Are The Betting Sites With The Best Payout Options?

The sites that we review here are some of the best betting sites in the US. They also have some of the best betting site deposit methods and most extensive payout options available to players. Our featured sites include as many withdrawal options as possible because of the federal restrictions placed upon them. They like to keep things legal and convenient. If you want to know more about the laws regarding betting sites, please take a look at our laws page.

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The Most-Trusted Betting Sites for US Players